Casting  Idc-PBTFB

Describe the job

Commercial Department: Technicians and castings

Name Your Job Posting: Casting  Idc-PBTFB

Describe the work to be done: Testing unibera

Attachment1: Download Link

Attachment2: Download Link

For what purpose ?

Where: france

Quand: test

Service: production for the movies

What final goal: casting for the movies

What final ambition: Automation testing for production

What type of project do you have? One-time project

How many professional do you need to hire for this job? I want to hire one professional

Where are you in the lifecycle of the project: I have specifications

Are you experienced hiring for this type of work? N/A

I am in the final version, I'm looking for a distributor, a financier on the market, i need to move forward


Subcategory: Production Assistant

Enter skills needed : (Upto 3)

Rate and Availability

How would you like to pay: : $20 /hr

Desired experienced level? Intermediate

How long do you expect this job to last? 1 To 3 months

What time commitment is required for this job? Less than 30

Do you want to professional to find and apply to your job? Professional using industries du and public search engine can find this job

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