Superviseur  Idc-HEXAW

Describe the job

Commercial Department: Production and realisation

Name Your Job Posting: Superviseur  Idc-HEXAW

Describe the work to be done: fiction

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For what purpose ?

Where: Lille

Quand: specimen

Service: création

What final goal: ficton test

What final ambition: film pilote

What type of project do you have? One-time project

How many professional do you need to hire for this job? I want to hire one professional

Where are you in the lifecycle of the project: I have an idea

Are you experienced hiring for this type of work? I have an idea

I am in the final version, I'm looking for a distributor, a financier on the market, i need to move forward


Subcategory: Superviseur

Enter skills needed : (Upto 3)

Rate and Availability

How would you like to pay: : $20 /hr

Desired experienced level? Intermediate

How long do you expect this job to last? Less than 1 months

What time commitment is required for this job? Less than 30

Do you want to professional to find and apply to your job? Only professional I have invited can find this job.

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javed siddiqui


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