About us

Industry of Cinema is a joint stock company

the head office is located at;


29,550 Plomodiern

Finistère - Brittany


Cinema of  Industries is a company with various business departments (see details in terms and conditions)

Industry  of Cinema is a company producing fiction films, fiction films for companies.

To promote these fictions and those of its customers, Industry of cinema has  integrated  computer services, such as digital mailing, such as digital sms, and for signing contracts the digital signature service.

These services are marketed under the names and quality labels Idc solutions, idc automation and Agenda 

Industry of cinema makes a crowdfunding platform available to these clients

Industry of cinema makes a booking for all professional and all industries to book an appointment 

industry of cinema makes a top location and top professional thanks to idc planning
Our services serve our customers so that they can make the best use of the promotion and sale of their products through digital services

1.Cultural, Audiovisual and Cinematographic Affairs

by idc fiction & crowdfunding & production 

2. Computer and development solutions

by automation bzh 

automation serves to promote the activity of our customers through different integrations

3..Technology Solutions for Industries

by idc technologies & solutions

4.Action Film Industries also offers a dynamic electronic site and Artificial intelligence that drives a multitude of services Including , the rating, the performance of the fifty professions of the film industry, and a whole range of services dedicated of all trades

Cinema of Industries offers only its own services intelligents, technological and technical solutions for the benefit of professionals in the film industry, and / or industries of all kinds, our products marked as Assessment, Cotation, Valorization, Performance, Match, Synthetic, etc...

Also the production of films for the cinema or any other medium of broadcasting

and finally the intermediation between the project leaders and the professionals of the cinema industry, or contributors thanks to its tool of Participatory Financing, finally

Digital development. Idc Solutions & Idc Technologies are services and programs available to industries of cinema , all trades and all industries

Commercialization of technological solutions and products related to the film industry and all the industries mentioned in our menus