Our Values

industries du cinéma  

I. Film Industries agit conçoit et développe des solutions techniques et technologiques au profit de ses utilisateurs.

II. Idc Solutions et Idc Technologies travaillent avec les industries pour proposer des solutions technologiques, techniques et liées aux services.

III. Idc Solutions travaille avec toutes les entreprises et tous les fabricants ayant des besoins spécifiques, y compris numériques.

IV. The film industry has designed and developed the world's leading online evaluation platform for the evaluation of valuation, performance of the fifty professions in the film industry.

Thanks to its research and development, Idc technologies & idc solutions are able to provide a precise answer on the rating of departments, on the evaluation of services and people, the valuation of activities related to all industries and activities, a provision of a television channel thanks to its technological support IDCTV, each customer can be owner of his television channel and ensure himself promotion and have additional income through advertising

V. Film Industries analyzes all the needs of the film industry profession in order to satisfy its users, including solutions and services that enable all of its users to thrive through tools such as: evaluation, rating, valuation of the fifty trades in the film industry, as well as IT, Internet and e-commerce solutions for their own development.

VI. The film industry's philosophy is to give everyone a lucky, thanks to all the services available to all, without restriction.

VII. Cinema Industries is close to its customers, offers adapted answers.

VIII. In the context of crowdfunding The payment of the sums collected is confined to a financial partner (Stripe) and remains on the digital account of the project holder.

Film Industries does not have its funds (donor payments)

IX. Film Industries, devotes a portion of its revenues, or its various resources, to its growth, including research and development of technological solutions, another part in artistic creation and film production to promote all of its services made available to film industry professionals, who are members of the site;

to this end, it is proposed to its users / members who use the services of the platform to be informed of ongoing projects and to participate through consultations or castings related to all trades in the film industry ;

to this end, the film industry brings digital and digital solutions to its customers.

X. Prohibited fiction projects are prohibited and / or extolling violence in all its forms, sectarianism, racism, pornography, are strictly prohibited on our site.

XI. Film Industries highlights the artistic and technical & creativity of the film industry.

XII. Cinema Industries via its Idc media, offer only high quality solutions.

Idc Technologies Idc Digital Idc Solutions are developed in India; Idc Idc Design Analysis in Europe

cinema industries manufactures television channels for its customers, ensures the creation, installation, storage, streaming (+ live) coding, security formats thanks to strong and powerful partners

for idctv, we ask each of our customers to respect the human right,
we demand and prohibit, hatred, violence, racism, totalitarianism, pornography, on all our sites, no violence is admitted on all the television channels that we manufacture for our customers.

nous demandons à nos clients de respecter les lois internationales, américaines et internationales,
nous demandons à nos clients qui publient leurs projets sur nos sites ou à ceux qui achètent une chaîne de télévision que nous fabriquons de détenir les droits exclusifs dans le pays où ils sont montrés à
chaque client de nos sites doivent respecter les lois de chaque pays

nous vous conseillons d'utiliser la sécurité du commerce électronique de votre banque,
chaque banque offre aujourd'hui des paiements sécurisés à ses clients